A full suite of social media marketing services.

Having a strong brand presence on social media has become essential to your Digital Marketing efforts. Choosing the day, week and hour is crucial when promoting your content

Whether you are a company of 3 or 300, we can help brand your business online, engage customers and boost sales. Our services range from web page design and search engine optimization to online media marketing and email campaigning.

The explosion of social media means businesses of all sizes have an equal chance to compete for brand awareness. Marketing tools are developing so rapidly, it can be difficult to keep up. Let us implement the most effective online awareness marketing strategy and help manage your next campaign. Facebook has the greatest impact on consumers purchasing behavior with a whooping 47% of social media users claiming that it does influence their buying decisions.

45 - 54 year olds are the fasting growing segment in social media. These are the CEOs, senior managers and high level executives that you could be trying to reach. Users that follow companies on social media increases 106%. You don`t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out the ever increasing importance of social media in your overall marketing strategy. Let the experts at Locado help you attain your goals!

Social Media Audits:
To find out how your online presence ranks compared to others in the industry.

Social Media Planning:
To develop a strategy for effective social media outreach.

Social Media Campaign Management:
To outsource your Facebook, Twitter and other social media posts and free up your staff time for customers.

Blog Development:
To develop and refine your blog for search engine optimization and brand awareness.